CKE18 - Wet Japanese Girl Takes the World's Best Shower!

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    Natural hot springs have nothing on this wet Japanese girl with big NATURAL boobs! When it comes to getting wet, Japan is famous for many things! We have some of the most relaxing onsens (natural hot springs) in the world. There's also fun water parks in the summer, and it's an island so of course there are many beaches! The best way to get wet though is with a petite Japanese girl like Yayoi who has soft, fluffy, big boobs! This wet Japanese girl will cause you to spend too much time in the shower. Your water bill will be through the roof! Please take our advice and do it in a love hotel instead! When a bubbly Japanese girl like Yayoi is around, it's hard not to fall in love. We joked around with Yayoi for a long time about her big boobs. I commented that she must have too much fun with the soap bubbles every night. It was a cheesy remark but it made her blush. Director H said if he had a sister like Yayoi, he'd have to wear a blindfold in the house to stay out of trouble. After that, Yayoi told us that she still takes a bath with her two big brothers, even though they're in their twenties?! She lets them rub the soap all over her breasts because she heard that massaging her boobs was good for her health?! But it makes her embarrassed sometimes because her nipples got hard and she gets wet down there?!?! And then her big brothers smack her butt for acting ecchi?!?!?! Thankfully, before Director H passed out and I had to run off together with Yayoi like a knight in shining armor, she told us it was all a big, bad joke. Yayoi would never do something so crazy. And then we reminded her she was at a chakuero shoot. But Yayoi did tell us a funny true story. She goes through body soap and lotion faster than other girls because her boobs are bigger. They hate her for it, but she hates spending more money! CKE18 is all about tease and I wouldn't give up this job for anything in the world. Still, at the end of the day we always have to pack up and head back to reality. Luckily for this wet Japanese girl, she can always enjoy the world's best shower! If you fell in love with Yayoi because of this set, check out her other sets HERE. And be sure to leave a comment. She loves getting wet! Stay cool dudes! Yoshi