CKE18 - Poolside Sexy

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    When Rika walked out in this hot white bikini, time almost stood still. It really felt like she was moving in slow motion. Personally when shooting chakuero idols, I prefer girls with longer hair. It helps bring variety to the poses, working as an accent. Rika didn`t need any help though' she nailed all the hot angles with a sexy look of confidence. From t-back thong to cameltoe hand-overs, she was on fire. We get a mix of girls at CKE18, most don`t know what to do or have a hard time making a pose. I really enjoy shooting them because by the end of the day their confidence really goes up. Still, when a girl like Rika walks in who knows what to do, I don`t mind at all. What about you' do you like short hair, long hair, or both?